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Welcome to my Blog!

Let’s face it: the planet needs some help. There’s tons of pollution happening, and a lot of resources are going to waste. Sadly, there is no planet B, so it’s up to us to make do with what we have.

I’ve found that an excellent way to cut back on waste is to step back into the past. Living like humans did thousands of years ago can be very effective at reducing waste.

I don’t claim to be zero waste. That’s an awesome goal, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get there. However, I plan to document here what I’m currently doing and things I’d like to do to give others some ideas.

Frugality is also a big part of my life. My family (of two humans and two dogs) is living on a single income. I’m always looking for deals, but I’ve learned that a lot of deals don’t fit into my philosophy. Because of this, I abstain from partaking in a lot of the mainstream lifestyle choices. There are ways to still partake in all parts of life while being zero-waste, but it can be expensive. This blog is intended to show how a low-waste lifestyle can be achieved on a budget.