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“Doing Nothing” is a Major Process

     An important phrase from the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is “When I scraped my  knee as a kid, I didn’t have to do anything. It just got better… as long as I got out of the way.” I firmly believe this is how my skin works. I absolutely don’t need to do anything. I just have to stop doing things that hurt me. However, doing nothing is a whole lot more of a process than I realized.

     Doing nothing seeme easy at first, but that means not putting extra chemicals in my body. I had to put a filter on my shower to get regular water and not chlorinated water. I’m transitioning to organic foods so I don’t keep eating pesticide ridden foods. I had to throw out my mangoes. Do y’all remember when I bought 9 mangoes because they were on sale for 33 cents each? It was hard for me to throw away food, because I bought it to save money, but I learned that mangoes are in the medium-high range for chemical use, so I threw them out. I’m also doing a lot more with glass, and I’m steadily recycling my plastic containers.

     Things I wouldn’t have thought of have come under scrutiny. The flour I have is toxic, so I’ve ordered some organic flour. My oatmeal is toxic. My coffee grounds are toxic. The raisins in my cabinet are toxic. So so much of what I have is toxic. Until a few weeks ago, everything in my home was toxic. I know my skin could be better, but it’s a miracle that it’s holding up this well with all the abuses I was putting it through.

     Think about it: I’d get up and drink chlorinated water to hydrate. Then I’d eat food all day that was laden with chemicals. I’d spend all day using the central air as little as possible, and all the chemicals from the building materials of the house would sit on my skin. I’d bathe with chemical-filled soap and shampoo, and then I’d slather myself with chemical-filled lotions, and I’d take chemical-filled medicine. Then, I’d go to sleep on a chemically matress (which I still do – I haven’t started the process of fixing that yet)

     Many of these things I’m still doing to some degree. During this trasition period, I’m only throwing out things that are really bad for me. If something is just a little bad, I’m going to finish using it up and then buy a healthier alternative.

      Yeah, doing nothing sounds really simple, but it’s definitely a process. I’m not really adding in anything – I’m taking away bad things.

I found another blog that talks about holistic living in a more knowledgeable way than I can right now. If you’re interested, it’s called Empowered Sustenance.


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